art drill
First project for my first studio art class. (Charcoal on 18”x24” paper)
a Sublime Stitching pattern
finally got around to playing with resin. looks like i need to order some new molds… 
Papercut I just finished for my newlywed friends.
fancying up a pillowcase with a Sublime Stitching pattern i bought the other week. 

some construction workers tried to put up a sign with sprayed on neon orange lettering. i took it upon myself to make a new one. 
Have to clean up some edges, but I just finished this papercut
A gift I just finished for some good friends, inspired by their wedding.
Papercut I’ve been working on for my mom’s birthday. It’s about 11”x15” (I think I’m done, but I might add some craters in the moon…)
Robots. Blind contour robots.